Goan Fish Curry or Goan Fish Vindalu Recipe

Goan Fish Curry or Goan Fish Vindalu
Goan Fish Curry or Goan Fish Vindalu Recipe

Although Goa is named, the birthplace of Goan Vindalu is Portugal.  The Portuguese term ‘carne de vinha’ meaning - “Meat in wine and garlic, sauce,” came to Goa in the early 1500s when the Portuguese established their colony in Goa.  Naturally, their culture, eating habits started from Goa and gradually spread all over India.  Over time, various materials are added and subtracted from their popular positions.  Today's Vindalu is a thick-sour-sweet soup that can be made with pork, chicken, mutton, fish and even tofu.  Wine is no longer used in many Vindalu recipes today.


I cut two pomfret fish in half to make goan fish curry.  I took another-

Coconut Korano - half a cup.

Cumin - one tablespoon.

Coriander - two tablespoons.

Salt- to taste.

Turmeric - one tablespoon.

Kashmiri dried chilli- three.

Raw chillies - two.

Good variety of pickles - sweet tamarind - the size of a small lemon.

Garlic - Three cloves.

Pepper - five, six.

Ginger - half an inch.

Onion - Half, finely chopped.

Fennel - a quarter teaspoon.

Water- Quantitatively.

A few coriander leaves.

Extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil - one tablespoon.


(I gave the full description of the oil on purpose, because if you use olive oil, you should buy it to see if it has these qualities. Otherwise, you can use extra virgin coconut oil or pure mustard oil roasted in a grinder.)


To make Goan Fish Curry, first cut the fish in half with a pomfret knife.  Then rub the fish, add salt and turmeric on all the parts and marinate for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, wash the fish pieces and apply a little salt and turmeric.

Add salt to the onion and marinate for ten minutes.

Add all the spices except coriander leaves, green chillies and onions to water and mix as desired.  With tamarind filtered water.  There will be quite a reddish color.

Stir the onions with extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil over low heat in a cooking pot.

When the onion pieces become transparent, saute the two backs with the fish.

(Many people leave raw fish when the broth boils, it can be done in the same way.)

Then cover the bata masala fish with low heat and cook for 15 minutes.

Garnish with green coriander leaves and serve.

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